What is a spirit animal?

You are never alone on your journey. Just as we are seeking guides, they are seeking us too.

What is a spirit animal?

Spirit animals are guides who can appear to us in any form in order to help us, guide us and inform us.

How to find your spirit animal:

Reflect on your recent events in life. Which animals have popped up? Did you notice any birds on your walk? What kind are they? Maybe animals are showing up on the tv or on license plates. Any animal that you’re specifically drawn to or that keeps appearing for you is a guide.

Who has appeared in your dreams lately?

Just take a moment to reflect and you will know who your recent helpers are. If you’re unsure, practice this short meditation:

Meeting with my spirit animal:

  • Find a place to relax
  • close your eyes
  • take some deep breaths
  • your are safe and loved in this space
  • imagine being in a favorite place in nature. This can be a place you have visited before or it can be created.
  • Spend as much time as you like visualizing it, feeling it, smelling it, hearing it or just knowing that you are there.
  • Allow or ask an animal guide to come.
  • Be patient
  • If an animal guide doesn’t come, explore the location more. Look up into the sky or perhaps go to a body of water and peer in.
  • Once an animal comes to you, feel free to communicate with it. Ask any questions you like.
  • Explore this space and time together.
  • Your guide might also show up as a human. Be open to the possibilities.
  • When the visit is over, ask how you can contact the guide again.

My recent experiences with spirit animals:

These are two dreams that came in the same night.

I’m with a girl and we have to pass a compassion test. This reminds me of classes that ancient Egyptians might have went through. There is a snake that we have to approach, pick up and hold without getting attacked. I’m holding the snake in both hands, letting it move freely. I keep calm and compassionate energy within my being and avoid fear and anything negative. The snake wants to be close to my face. Sometimes it smells me and the surroundings with it’s tongue. I know that the snake can attack me, so I move it gently away from my face. I tried this a few times and each time it comes closer. I accept this. When it’s the other girl’s turn, she takes the snake from me and also passes this test.

In another dream, I’m hiding under the bed from someone who came in. The man had a dog that walked in and came to where I was. I had to remain calm and quiet as the bulldog smelled me. After a few passes, the dog finally decided that I wasn’t a threat and joined his owner to leave.

While thinking about these dreams, the main message was similar. In this time of my life or in the future, I could face danger or an event in which I had to remain calm and compassionate in order to avoid getting attacked. Both animals have qualities of being either fierce and harmful or friendly and praised, depending on how you look at it. They can be on either side of the spectrum. They were smelling me and can attack with their mouths. As I write this, I wonder if it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic we are experiencing right now.

Another common theme I’ve been experiencing lately is a bee flying into my home, during the day as we’re getting fresh air. I haven’t been afraid of them. Bees help us and I know it’s just a short detour. The bee will find it’s way to the open door again. If they fly close to me, I just walk out and they follow.

Totem dictionaries can help you find meaning.

I have three spirit animal dictionaries that I look through. I like having different ones, to recieve a more complete understanding. I haven’t read any of them like a regular book. When an animal has come to me, I flip to where it is in the book and read the meaning. Each book feels different. Some of them have spells and rituals or meditations. Some feel very thorough and some only have the most common totems. The age of the book and it’s author can vary it’s information too. I like to read what’s in all three books, then I take what feels more important and relative to my life.

Animals help us

The more you involve yourself with your animal helper, the more you might feel your life changing. Your diet might change or you can feel more lively in the ways you move. Play with the energy to discover how it can change your life or lead you to what’s happening next.

Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

Jolene Gentry


  1. I enjoyed this post as I’ve always been interested in spirit and I’m sure we have animal as well as human spirtit guides.I’ve always had an affinity with cats, and wonder if I have a feline spirit guide. I atended a psychic awareness course a while ago that taught how to connect with spirit safely through meditation. Though I’ve never achieved any connection, it’s reminded of it and what I learnt. Thanks for sharing:)

    • I think you’re right that we can have animal and human guides. They come to us in the forms that make us the most comfortable and safe. You probably do have feline spirit guides. You can go into a meditation and see who shows up for you. I once had a dream of a lioness who sat in my lap and I was able to pet her. It’s amazing to have powerful animals around who can attack, but they don’t. They love and support us.

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