Using Intentions to attain powerful dreams

How to use intentions for dream work

You can have an influence about what you want to dream about. Reflect on your life and consider topics in which you need help or would like advice on. You might think of finances, your job or a relationship. Perhaps you’d like to visit wonderful places, like a beach or a tropical paradise. It’s good to believe that you can influence your dreams and get excited about the process.

These memory techniques will help your intention to manifest in dreams:

Think of your intention many times during the day. To help build a healthy habit, you can connect it to something that you already do such as eating, drinking or walking through a doorway. If you think of it often, you’ll also think of it in dreams. This takes a little time, but it’s worth it.

The next technique is to think of your intention before falling asleep. The idea is that if you say something to yourself thirty times, you’ll remember it in your sleep. I have a string of beads for this and I’ll mindfully feel each bead as I say an affirmation, so I don’t have to count. When I reach the last bead, I set the string aside and allow myself to fall asleep. You can also use a string with knots tied in it. You might prefer to try this after you’ve had four to six hours of sleep, when the deeper levels of sleep are out of the way and you’re having more REM sleep (the dreaming cycles).

Reaching out to my spirit guide.

The following is an example of when I used this technique and the dream that came.

I was living with a boyfriend at the time. It was late at night and he should’ve been home. I called but there was no answer. He didn’t inform me when he would be home or what he was doing. I was dealing with negative emotions and couldn’t sleep. I just kept waiting for a phone call or for him to walk in. It got to a point when I realized he wasn’t coming home until the next morning. While I laid in bed, I talked with spirit.

To my spirit guide,

Please come be with me in my dreams. I’m sad and lonely. I need to know that you exist and I’m not alone. Please come and be with me. I don’t need answers to questions or to be taught anything in particular. Your company will do just fine. I want to remember the dream when I wake up. Take the form of someone I won’t find attractive, so I’m not distracted with physical intimacy. I just want to be with you and talk. Please help me remember the experience.

I repeated these thoughts over and over, until it felt complete and what I wanted was thoroughly expressed.


Flying through space with my spirit guide

I’m floating in space. Stars are going past me as I move, but my body is completely relaxed. This is amazing! I look to my left and there is a man with me. He doesn’t look attractive at all and I feel so grateful in this moment, because I remember what I asked for. We look at each other, smiling and we both know. Everything is very vivid and beautiful. We continue our journey through space. We arrive at a crystal city. I call it that, because it’s a huge area completely made of crystals. I look further and see that there are empty bottles of alcohol littering the place. The creators of this crystal city must have drank as they built it. We’re now walking around and exploring. The next area we go to has really tall and skinny mask statues. There is also a book on a pedestal with worms crawling all over it.

I woke up with this dream and had incredible gratitude. I’m writing this years later and it’s hard to recall the details of what was happening with the relationship, but the experience of the dream was so powerful. This is the most successful intended dream I ever had and I was filled with love. Someone was listening to what I was asking for and honored my request. It seemed very casual at the time, that we were just spending time there, but he also gave me insight to what was going on. My boyfriend was clearly getting drunk and decided not to come home. Also, the worms on the book signified something preventing me from learning. It could have been my fears of actually knowing the truth, wondering if I can forgive him or not afterwards, as well as how he might feel about me and all the other psychological elements involved. I would have loved to see what was in the book if all the disgusting worms weren’t there.

I wish you lots of bravery and patience in your journey of finding an intention and receiving the dream that lovingly follows.

Jolene Gentry

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