Relaxing sleep

I’m laying in bed and can feel how the mattress supports me, but it also has a very soft top layer. Blue Jersey sheets surround me. A fluffy cream colored blanket is on top of the sheet and over that is a blue comforter that isn’t too thick. The average temperatures outside range between 40-60 degrees. It’s pretty wonderful. During the night, the layers give me the option to stay covered or take a layer off. I love letting them all bunch up on the side, so I can cuddle with them. I also have a body pillow that lies beside me, available to hold or support my leg when I’m on my side. My pillow supports my head and neck, while feeling giving me softness. The surrounding cotton is so nice and I pull the bedding to my face to feel the softness and it shuts out the light. There’s a slight lavender smell from the last time I washed them. There’s often a cat snuggled up next to me and I take comfort that she’s getting heat while she sleeps and we share each other’s company.

Imagine being in your bed. You deserve a heavenly bed and sleeping space. Are there things you would change? In my opinion, heavenly beds have a good balance of support and softness. They are warm or cool, depending on what you need at the time. You should feel as though all your worries are gone for now and you’re free to relax and sleep. It has enough pillows to rest on or hold. They always support and cradle you during sleep, so you’re pain free in the morning. If your bed looks nice in the day time, it’s a great way to honor the space and you could be more excited to sleep. Think about the colors, the textures, the materials and the patterns and decide what you like the best. Dress your bed lovingly, to give a perfect ending to your long day. You should be able to love your bed and bedroom, the place where you sleep for a third of your life.

Photo by Yohann LIBOT on Unsplash

Jolene Gentry

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