Dream big

Let’s dream big!

My desire is to help you remember more, become more aware and have more life changing experiences. I want you to have MORE! I want you to wake up in ecstasy and flowing with joy, because you had a wonderful dream. It could be a dream that reunites you with someone that you miss, a dream that gives you news of a welcome job change or a new home or a dream that gives you advice on how to improve your health. Maybe during the day, a song or a license plate delivers a message that is just what you need to soothe your soul. Then I want it to happen again and again, blessing your life with good fortune and knowledge of how to avoid bad events.

We’re alive, so we should use all of our senses and experiences to be fully alive.
Let’s connect with nature again.
Let’s follow the rhythms of day and night again.
Let’s fall in love again.
Let’s be receptive to the gifts we deserve.

I’m doing this to share knowledge and to have company in the process. I’ll be posting articles to enlighten, inspire and educate you on the topics of dreams and synchronicity. I’m also going to be reviewing sleep and dream related products and giving honest reviews of what helps me. I’m already glowing with the idea of sharing my absolute favorite things that can help you. I also know of products that I don’t believe are necessary for sleep dreamwork. I’ll share lots of information and let you choose what’s right for you. Please leave feedback throughout the process and let me know your thoughts and opinions.

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Jolene Gentry

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