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I have a dream!

Once you have remembered a dream, you get to think about all the elements in it and decide what it means to you. It’s interesting that if one dream is told to a group of people, each person can have a different interpretation to offer. I’ll give a few examples of my dreams and the process I went through to find their meanings.

The storm is pulling me in

This was a reoccurring dream in which I would fly and explore different places. Sometimes there was a storm in the distance. Sunny and clear weather was wonderful, but the storm would pull me toward it. I always tried to steer away from it, but I didn’t succeed. The storm surrounded me and filled me with negative emotions.

While contemplating this dream, I thought of each element:
Nice weather turning into a storm
Freedom turning into loss of control
good emotions turning into bad emotions
dry into wet
calm into turmoil
comfort into discomfort and possible pain
clouds, rain, thunder and lighting

Like many bad dreams, there was an event that I had no control over that could wreak havoc in my life. It’s good to think of your life and possible things that can happen and what the best response would be in those situations. To better understand the dream, I can go back to it when I’m awake and safe.

Reentering the storm dream

The storm clouds surround me now. They are thick and dark gray. It’s incredibly windy. My hair thrashes my face and I feel out of control. I can no longer see and enjoy the green rolling hills under me or the beautiful mountains on the horizon. Any minute now, I could be surrounded by lightning and thunder. Just for fun and to take my power back, I imagine being here and experiencing the storm while being completely safe. The rain pours down, washing my body. I let it rain inside of me too, sensing it go through all of my chakras. The loud thunder shakes my body like a tuning fork. The lightning strikes in front of me and I watch the beauty of it. It’s made of pure, white, electric energy. I allow the next lightning bolt to strike my body and see what that feels like. If I am daring enough, I imagine the lightning killing me. Confronting death in dreams can be an enormous strength. My body falls to the ground, no longer being tossed around by a storm. I can rest and experience stillness. What happens next? What will I learn? After imagining all of this, the fear turns into excitement. It no longer feels like something I’d try to escape from. It allows me to ask “What’s the worst that can happen?” and “How can I respond?”.


Eat the Olyphant

I’m at a bar, talking with Timothy Olyphant (actor in Santa Clarita Diet). A waiter comes over and gives me a glass that is for a free beer. They’re making up for a longer than usual wait for the food, because the kitchen is behind. I don’t like beer and wonder if I can get a cocktail instead. Timothy says to me that when he has a bad day, all he needs to feel better is to cook on his ten grills. He’s very friendly and I enjoy his company. I notice that my hair reaches my waist and I twirl it in my fingers. I set a pair of headphones on the counter, along with my purse.

This has a low probability of happening in real life and is symbolic. When I remember the dream, there were many elements that I was dissatisfied with.
I would have preferred a different beverage.
His cooking style contradicted mine.
My hair was long and I would have liked it shorter.

This represents handling a relationship in a mature way. There are differences between us and I made the most I had with what I was given.

I think of the name Olyphant and look up the symbolism of the elephant in my animal dictionary books.

largest living mammal


fertility and sexuality

sacred in some cultures

connection with clouds and monsoons

heightened sense of hearing and smell

the elephant never forgets someone who has caused injury. Is there someone I need to forgive?

the ability to reach high with the trunk or dig deep with the tusks

Society is well organized and understood

They are compassionate, helpful, powerful and wise

I’m starting a project about how to help people with dreams and sleep (this blog, before it was a blog). “Eat the elephant” is resonating with me. The project seems so huge and intimidating, but if done a little at a time it can be accomplished. I have a craving to put more of myself into the world. Plus, if there are ten grills, the elephant can be eaten quicker. The kitchen is running behind, which could be related to my creative process.

Eat the Elephant is also an album by Tool, that I was listening to often at the time. The headphones represent the ability to close out the world, or to have a comfort that’s all mine. Putting them on the counter means a willingness to connect with my company.

He mentioned what he would do if he was having a bad day, which suggests that I’m having a bad day.

It seems like a short and simple dream, but I’m getting so much meaning the more I think about it. There are two meanings: a failing relationship and a desire to put out more creative work. Having a dream like this can allow some time to reflect on a relationship. Is there room for compromise, or is it time to stand tall and strong for what is wanted? There was too much conflict in my romantic relationship, which ended shortly after this dream. We had differences and neither one of us was getting what we truly wanted in life as a couple. Now with the elephant totem, I can bring it’s positive characteristics into my life to help me.

With my grandfather on Valentine’s day

I’m with my grandfather. We are holding hands, while spinning and laughing. I enjoy being carefree and silly, the way kids are. My daughter is there too. Red roses surround us.

This was pretty straight forward. My grandfather passed away years ago. In dreams, we can easily contact those who passed away and they can contact us. I had been a bit grumpy that I don’t have a valentine this year. This was his way of telling me that he would be there for me and if I have people around me that I love, I don’t need a man to be my valentine. He was comforting me and showing me I could take it lightly and have fun.

Things to consider:

Could the dream actually happen in real life? Sometimes we dream of events in the past or future.

Is the dream symbolic?

Are there people or animals?

Consider different meanings for the dream. You can ask people what the dream might mean for them.

Accept the meaning that feels best to you.

What have you learned from the dream?

How can you honor the dream? After a dream, you might be inspired to draw a picture, sing a song, call someone, etc.

Keeping a journal everyday, will allow you to be more in touch with the elements in your life. You’ll get to know your conflicts, your desires, your strengths and weaknesses, people, places and events. Your world will become clearer and your dreams will bring messages from spirit. It’s up to you to be open and receptive to those messages and have the ability to take action afterwards.

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