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Welcome to Night and Day Dreams, a blog that is intended to be played along with as we study dreams to enhance our lives. Here, I’ll show you how to understand and honor nighttime dreams, as well as being aware of symbolism of waking life in order to receive messages from spirit. Waking and dreaming worlds are both meant to be remembered, interpreted and loved.

My journey with dreams really started kicking off after I read Stephen LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. I had incredibly delicious adventures during the night in which I would walk through malls with gorgeous men, fly through space or be a deliberate creator of my own environment. Anything I could imagine or desire would manifest in my dreams. There were infinite possibilities of how to seek enjoyment.

After a few years of being a care free lucid dreamer, a desire to know more grew within me. There had to be more to the dream world than I was experiencing. Some dreams felt more powerful and more real than others. I began asking more questions. My whole viewpoint about spirituality began to shift as I received answers. People around me could be real people, not just “dream characters” and I could visit real locations, which created a whole new respect for life.

Soon after this, Robert Moss’s Dream Gates came to me. Even though I was on vacation in beautiful Portland, Oregon, it was so hard to put this book down. He has been my favorite teacher on dreams and my life has opened up to huge experiences. It helped so much to find someone who loved and honored the spirit world. When I go into trance or enter a dream, he’s often the one fueling my journey with a heart beat rhythm on his single headed drum.


Jolene Gentry

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